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I enjoyed the simplicity of the program. The meditation exercises were very simple and easy to experience. The concepts were presented in such a way that they could easily be duplicated on our own. The understanding of the SF helped considerably to open up memory stores that have been closed for quite sometime. Overall, it was a very good program.

I find the Quantum material to be an experience that has opened my mind or rather has expanded it. It is very effective to teach a technique and then go into a trance like state. I am hoping to utilize what I have been exposed to. Make improvements in every aspect of my life. It’s a great program, I recommend it to anyone who would like to improve themselves and grow.

~ Brittany

I can’t say enough about the meditation chant of the 300 on module 28. I play it every night to relax from a stress day, I play it when I have a headache, the ache leaves in moments, I play it when I need encouragement, I play it to stimulate long forgotten memories, I play it now for a pick me up and for so many things. For me it alone is well worth the Solution program.

~ Henry H.

Dealing with Real Estate in Naples, Florida, life can get stressful real quick. Being able to slow down and meditate with these wonderful tools gets me through the week with peace and tranquility.

~ Mark W.

When I first heard the program I felt Burt was talking to me. He was. He did. I got a lot of “aha’s.” I am now able to see a lot of things, people, and events in my life more clearly. I also now have new tools to use as I begin on my list of personal quests. As a matter of fact, I have already begun...

~ T.U.

This course was better than any positive thinking material that I have studied. A fresh way of looking at your life and understanding the why’s of what we did and how it has a bearing on who we are today and why we make the choices we do. At least there is a way to change the past, present and future for the better. Thank Burt for showing us how to use more of our power for the better.

~ Eunice

I loved learning about all the unlimited possibilities that are open to me. I know I need a lot of practice to stop all the chattering in my head in order to find my source foundations and ultimately talk to my many doppelgangers, but I am excited about the journey.

These sessions by Burt Goldman were an interesting experience for me. It is a beginning of thought forms which will have an impact on me in the future. The day will come when these “new” ideas will be used in our healing profession. I am very thankful to Burt that I could attend these sessions.

~ Eugene Jusek, MD

Quantum Absolution opened my eyes, made my life easier. The tempo was fine/perfect/relaxed. I had a lot of fun. Thanks for the new tools for healing/improvement. I am grateful Burt who made this program possible.

~ Bob

What stands out for me with regards to Solutions is the realization that there truly are no limitations when we embrace the concept of parallel dimensions. I really enjoy the concentrated thought exercises which I find very powerful.

~ Robin

I expected something extraordinary and I received it. I expected something progressive and I went to the future. I expected something humorous and am smiling. I look forward to this seedling flourishing . . . it will be magical.

~ J.O.

The basic, no frills, explanation of key concepts relating to the various subject matters thus enabling more direct access to the information I found very helpful and full of clarity. The repeated approach utilizing immediate personal experimenting with the exercises helped to reinforce the material.

~ Daniel

I have enjoyed every one of your very informative and easy to read exercises. Your audios were so easy to follow. I have been going through a lot of stress and for a long time and with practice of the exercises on the 2 audios sent by you, I hope to have a life filled with peace and good health. I do know that a lot is in my hands. But I thank you over and over for all the direction that comes from you.

~ Fatima S.

I have followed your instruction and I must say I am happy with the meditation. The first time I did it my back was hurting as I suffer from chronic pain. At the end of the meditation the pain was gone of course not for good but it was a nice relief.

~ Veronica T.

My problem has always been the issue of "not good enough", so the positive thoughts that I was able to access were great. To get maximum benefit, it is important to practice regularly - but for sure it works!

~ Rajesh K.

I have thoroughly enjoyed your series and feel that everytime I receive and read a new lesson that I'm becoming more enlightened. I feel that your lessons have helped me be a more positive person and the material you cover in each lesson are issues that everyone can relate to. Please don't change a thing. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me. Your generosity and contributions to everyone everywhere is very much appreciated.

~ J.L. Dome.

I was listening to the section on Anger -- Bully and Bunny, when my 13 year old grandson came in. Despite his young years, his ears went up, and he listened intently. I know it helped him understand how to deal with school bullies. I have a greater understanding of other people, along with myself, regarding what motivates us all. And I am encouraged again and again to remember: I can do! Another section I like "best" is Sparkling up the Kitchen, a very useful technique I can apply in many ways.

~ Bellamia J.

I have reading all the materials that you have been sending me and I must say "It actually works". I have tuned my thinking to such positive directions. I even took an IQ test and I have discovered that I am an Intuitive Thinker. (Not only) did that help improve my esteem, I even got a promotion out of changing my attitude towards my job. How it works, I don't know but I am sure it had something towards reading and applying some of these principles in my daily life.

~ Paul C.