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She told me about the pain and diarrhea and said that for the first time in months it was gone.

The regression had apparently cured her. After that I regressed people with problems in every hypnosis class I did and the result was truly amazing. I taught many classes of past life regression in London, Paris, Holland, Greece, Switzerland and in many of the cities of the U.S. and always with good results. How and why does it work? I don’t have a clue. I don’t question it; as long as it works I use it.

The first time I was involved with a discussion of past lives in any form other than anecdotal was during a round table meeting with a few of my friends in the hypnosis and psychology fields. Two of them were pure hypnotherapists and three others were psychologists with one of them a psychiatrist. We met once a week at our homes and that particular week we used my home in Tarzana, a suburb of Los Angeles for our forum. We were discussing the various means we each used with clients and patients. Another good friend, Dr. Eugene Jussek, who had recently written a book on past lives, ‘Reaching for the Oversoul,’ wasn’t present at this get together but we were discussing his book in which he described a patient who, when in trance, suddenly turned into a totally different personality. The American worker of Irish descent suddenly spoke as Yan Su Lu, a gentleman from what was apparently ancient China. I had discussed this seeming phenomenon with Dr. Jussek many times and it was still somewhat of a mystery. Dr. Jussek is a medical doctor but his interests were in the field of past lives. My own background, which was heavily into the yoga philosophies, accepted the

reincarnation experiences. The concept was that of Karma and the belief that Karma couldn’t be dealt with aside from working out past problems with present afflictions that match the evil that had been done in a previous lifetime.

At some point during the evening we decided to see if one of us could somehow tap into that energy and bring out a discarnate entity. As all of us were professional hypnotists we drew straws to see who would be the subject; I drew the short straw. Harry Reasoner was elected to put me in a trance and soon I was floating in that satisfying never land between the physical and the spiritual. His words became dimmer as I went deeper into the trance and suddenly it happened. I found myself, as in a lucid dream, a dream where I was in complete control of the action. There I was walking along a street that was obviously not Kansas. It appeared to be a Mayan or Inca culture circa 1500 or so. I was wearing a kind of a kilt with an elaborate headdress. Along the street I strolled immersed in the Mayan Indian culture stopping here and there to bite into a vegetable or a piece of fruit. But my enjoyment didn’t last long for with a whisper of a wind I was suddenly whisked to the top of a pyramid, a Mayan pyramid. On a slab in front of me was a young woman, it appeared to be a sacrifice and I was the priest who was about to do the deed with a stone knife. Well my true self came to the fore and I wrenched myself out of that place and brought myself out of the trance.

We had a fine time discussing that one but only I could get a sense of what happened. That was no dream, I was there; and that priest was me. Was it another life? Or did I simply jump into one of those infinite universes that I was to eventually be so involved with? I was determined to discover more about this business. If there were past lives, why were there no memories of them? I thought long and hard about this and did come to some conclusions.

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Apply one or many spiritual techniques to better understand the mind beyond the mind (eBook)
Past Life Therapy

Believe in past lives or don't, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. You will learn by following the simple instructions of past life therapy that many of today’s problems can be instantly relieved by reliving past life situations. Burt takes you on a metaphorical journey to cause and shows you how to unlock the chains of despair and defeat.

My Friend God

The entire novel, humorous and entertaining as it may be is actually a metaphor for the utilization of the principles of the Kybalion. The Kybalion is an esoteric novel written more than a hundred years ago but more popular today than ever before with tens of millions of enthusiastic supporters. Many of the mysteries of the Kybalion and how to use the 7 principles are clarified as Jack Belson grows from an average, mediocre, shy man to a confident, knowledgeable, assertive person ready to take on and solve all his past problems.

Unit 1 Past Life Therapy
Unit 2 My Friend God

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