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Experience online self discovery seminars

Attend a self discovery hypnosis seminar catered to making a better you through Quantum Jumping Supermind—discover another YOU in an alternate universe.

Module 1 Quantum Jumping Supermind - LIVE Seminar (VIDEO)  
Discover another YOU in an alternate universe. 'Quantum Jumping Supermind', a self discovery virtual hypnosis seminar (video) catered to increasing mindfulness and making a better YOU.
Early Morning Session
You’re going to learn some unique things with this program’ are the first words out of Burt’s mouth as he begins the seminar. He is talking to over a hundred people from the U.S. Europe, Africa and the Middle East. You’ll learn about Eye Movement Therapy the 7 principles of Hermes, rhythm and energy, infinity, are we alone in the universe, general healing and a brief description of the great Quantum Jumping method and how to use it. The meaning of meditation and its value in your life. Burt’s goal with this module is to push you, motivate you to go after and get your goals.
Late Morning Session
Burt begins this session by explaining vibrations and rhythm and how to control and use more of your mind. Illness means your vibrations, or rhythms, are off, change the vibration and be healed. Source foundations, or the instigating force that rules your life, could be one of the most important concepts you will learn. The main idea of Quantum Jumping and the reasons you make the choices in life that put you where you are at present. All negative effects, as well as the positive ones, could very well be from those instigating forces Burt calls Source Foundations. Attitude makes and attitude breaks, three minutes to have total control over your attitude and eliminate those past forces that create negative events in your life.
Early Afternoon Session
You’ve no doubt heard much about tapping to relieve pain and effect change in yourself or someone else. Burt starts this session with an explanation and techniques for successful tapping to change the polarity of problems. You actually see how Burt helps other people right there during the seminar as he demonstrates. You’ll learn that your intent is the driving force to success in health, habit, and life itself. When Burt explains how emotions are the driving force behind having the law of attraction and the success factor working successfully or failing miserably. You will learn to use your emotions to factor success into all the creation for healing, pain removal, and instant problem solving.
Late Afternoon Session
Burt speaks about the greatest subject of them all in this video; Love and Relationships. Your eyes will open to the great truth when you hear Burt’s definition of love. Relationships are based on needs, when someone is involved with drugs or alcohol their needs change and they are difficult to live with, or understand. His explanation of ‘Love Thy Neighbor’ will floor you. Toward the end of the afternoon Burt shows you the secret of Feng Shui so that you can be as adept as any master of the concept and then you’ll see a demonstration of the most used technique of them all; the Bagha when you want something to happen of an immediate nature.
Unit 1 Early Morning Session (1hr 53m)
Unit 2 Late Morning Session (2hr 10m)
Unit 3 Early Afternoon Session (1hr 45m)
Unit 4 Late Afternoon Session (1hr 40m)
Module 3 Mini-Seminars (video)  

Choose from a variety of mini-seminars (video) from improving your self-confidence to overcoming fear and learning how to love yourself.

How to Stop Negative Thoughts (example) > "How about if you had someone in your life who did fill all your needs and then that person has passed on; how do you deal with that? If there are any loved ones in your life who have passed away this video is a necessity. Here’s the answer if there are any regrets or guilt feelings in your life due to an event or another person. If you have a thought, any thought, that is bothering you and you want to take that thought out of your mind you must watch this video...'

- Burt gives a specific lesson in the 'stop thoughts' technique

Unit 1 How to Quantum Jump Step by Step (10m)
Unit 2 Self Competition to Achieve the Rhythm of Success (10m)
Unit 3 How to Take Control of Your Life (11m)
Unit 4 Enhance Your Self Esteem and Confidence (10m)
Unit 5 Finding the Perfect Companion (9m)
Unit 6 How to Stop Negative Thoughts (10m)
Unit 7 Jump into Qi Gong (10m)
Unit 8 Goal Setting With a Quantum Jump (10m)
Unit 9 Eliminate Stress With This Jump (9m)
Unit 10 Overcome Fear With This Simple Trick, NLP (8m)
Unit 11 A New Way to Quantum Jump (9m)
Unit 12 7 Transformational Techniques (11m)
Unit 13 A Few Questions and Answers (10m)
Unit 14 Maturity (9m)
Unit 15 How to Love Yourself (9m)

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