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Powers of Life > Redefine what you are capable of and wake up your true potential with this advanced visualization technique featuring 12 POWERS.

Quantum Absolution > Motivate yourself to do things you thought you could never do. Eliminate barriers to change, neutralize regrets, and guilt.

Powers of Life


BRAIN POWER > Tap into the power of your brain for that positive attitude and youthful appearance.

EMOTIONS DRIVE BRAIN WAVE ACTIVITY when you control your brain waves you control anger, fear, stress, and all the negative emotions that hold you back in life. Control your brain waves and you control your attitude.

Attitude is the most important ingredient in creating a youthful appearance and longevity. You will be attracting more and more positive ‘coincidences’ as your brain becomes magnetized to attract the constructive things in life. Burt has been training people in controlling their brain waves since 1976 and thousands have attested to life changing choices they have made due to that control. Here you will learn exactly how to control those brain waves of yours to create a better life.

Unit 1 Alpha zone and stress lecture (8m)
Unit 2 Brain power & relaxation meditation (17m)
Unit 3 $25,000 worth of stress removal (11m)
Unit 4 Diminishing numbers meditation (8m)

BUSINESS POWER > Whatever it is you do there must be something productive that comes out of it. You are either producing a product, a service, or a philosophy.

Business success is dependent on how well you think. How well you think is dependent on how concentrative you can be with one subject. You'll listen fascinated as Burt speaks about the one main ingredient for success in any business, large or small, in action for years or just beginning. You'll learn the valuable Goals and Controls System. You’ll learn how Burt became an internet success, starting at the ripe old age of eighty, and how he developed a new idea for the internet sale of books at age eighty seven.

Unit 1 The Power Table lecture (12m)
Unit 2 The Power Table meditation (12m)
Unit 3 Business goals and controls (15m)
Unit 4 Goals and controls meditation (10m)

SEX POWER > Sexual power and the idea of sex itself is the strongest motivating energy on Earth.

It's been said that the greatest sexual organ you have is your brain. Actually it’s your mind instigating chemical changes in your brain. This can be accomplished and controlled by controlling the energy field that, in part, regulates your brain wave energy output. Better than Viagra for the male, better than peaking imagery for the female.

Unit 1 Energy field blending (19m)
Unit 2 Alpha Sex meditation (15m)
Unit 3 Desire the great motivator (19m)
Unit 4 Images with music meditation (13m)

ENERGY POWER > All actions must be preceded by the motivation to act while motivation is stimulated by energy. Powerful people are energized people.

If you were to put forward an idea as to what would be the most important thing in your life it would be health of course for without it you would have nothing. But the driving force to health is energy for without the energy to function your entire system falls to pieces. The four modules of the POWER of energy power are designed to enhance, restore, and create that energy.

Unit 1 Restoring your energy level (13m)
Unit 2 Power glasses (11m)
Unit 3 Power tension (7m)
Unit 4 Power tension meditation (10m)

RELATIONSHIP POWER > The basic concept of what a good relationship consists of is needs.

A relationship is a connection between two people. To extend that definition it is a connection between two things. A connection is not necessarily a beneficial thing nor is it a harmful thing, it just is. This is about the relationship between people, not things. And a relationship between people is always dependent on what each person in the relationship believes that they need.

Unit 1 Communication systems (13m)
Unit 2 Communication meditation (10m)
Unit 3 Today belongs to me (8m)
Unit 4 Appreciation meditation (10m)

FINANCIAL POWER > The way to affluence and prosperity.

Give a person with a poverty consciousness a million dollars and a year or two later they’ll be broke again. Whereas if you took all the money away from a person with a consciousness of affluence, in a year or two that person will be rich again. Here you will discover what makes a person’s consciousness. Consciousness is an awareness of thoughts and feelings: the part of your mind that is aware of your feelings, thoughts, and surroundings. It’s how you see the world.

Unit 1 The Road to Riches (16m)
Unit 2 The Financial Power Hat (20m)

MEMORY POWER > The past lives in one’s memory, take away the memory and you negate the past.

In ancient times few people could read, books were hand written and far beyond the means of the great majority of people. Until Gutenberg invented the printing press in 1450 only the clergy and a few members of the royal families could read. In the 18th century most of the world was illiterate. It was not until the late 1800s that it became fashionable to be able to read. Millions upon millions of people, illiterate; and yet, intelligent. How did they get all the information that was available without books? When people who lived during those times heard something, they remembered it. People had memories then. Plato was known for his incredible memory system. You'll learn that system here.

Unit 1 Memory created in 2006 (18m)
Unit 2 Memory Power, Plato’s Room (12m)

PSYCHIC POWER > Psychic ability is dormant until one calls it forth and then it takes only a gentle shove to bring it into fruition.

Every single person on earth has psychic ability. It’s just that most don’t know it, and if they did, they wouldn't know how to bring the ability out. Everyone has flashes of clairvoyance. When you think about someone and your phone rings and there they are; that’s clairvoyance. If you have taken a different route one morning and avoided a terrible accident, that’s clairvoyance. Clairvoyance, ESP, psychic ability, it’s all the same. Its getting information from your inner senses. You can learn to trigger the resource. You are a psychic, after hearing these two modules, you will know for sure, and if you wish, you’ll use your ability to make better choices.

Unit 1 Developing Psychic Power (18m)
Unit 2 The Psychic Circle (14m)

HEALING POWER > Healing ability is simply a matter of intent plus a metaphoric icon.

What would the world be like with no illness, no disease, and no health problems? Probably we would all be like the wonderful one horse shay that was built in such a logical way it ran a hundred years to a day. Every screw, every nail, every piece of wood was built perfectly. When one thing went, it all went, and after a hundred years and a day it simply fell apart. We are all meant to be like that wonderful carriage. In perfect health lasting not a hundred years and a day but 149 years. Where did I get that from? An octave has 7 notes and then we go into another octave. Our lives are set as octaves. We change every 7 years. When a person is 3 octaves old, or 21 years, that person is considered having entered the threshold of maturity.. Living for 21 octaves, or 147 years should be the norm. Instead it borders on the impossible, but what if we could change that? These two modules will show you the way.

Unit 1 Healing catalysts (18m)
Unit 2 It could be a color (12m)

EMOTIONAL POWER > Emotions are thoughts that have like or dislike attached to them. Control your likes and dislikes and you control your emotions.

Emotions drive brain waves and the stronger the emotion the higher the brain wave. In addition to that you learned that the higher the brain wave the less you are able to think in a clear, constructive, logical manner. We will now address the emotions themselves. But first the definition. What is an emotion? An emotion is any thought that has like or dislike attached to it. The more emotional, the poorer the decisions you make. The decisions you have made in the past is the reason you are where you are in the present. These two modules will open you to an understanding of how your emotions determine your choices in life.

Unit 1 The Power Shield (12m)
Unit 2 Emotion control, power metaphors (8m)

WEIGHT POWER > Control your weight and become knowledgeable about food and see your attitude toward life get better and better.

Of all the diets and all the suggestions from books, clinics, dieticians, friends and all the rest of the sources that refer to controlling weight, the best diet advice could be the one that is just two words long. That advice is: Eat less. Period. How easy, how difficult. There are many culprits, not the least of which are the gustatory senses and the wrong mental model of food. Learn the new techniques of desiring food you want in your mouth and food you want in your stomach.

Unit 1 The villainous sense of taste (21m)
Unit 2 Mouth and stomach foods (10m)

CREATIVE POWER > Creativity is simply a matter of merging with your creative alternate self.

A creative person is not bound by past points of reference. A creative person uses points of reference as a guide only. A creative person asks questions of themselves. Questions like: What would happen if it were upside down, larger, smaller, more colorful, six instead of four, a hundred instead of one, inside out, lower, higher, water instead of oil, dirt instead of mud? A creative person seeks to go beyond what others have done before. Consider a thing that you had been involved with, are involved with at present, or will be involved with in the future. See this thing from your new perspective - that of a true original. You will see this thing as a creative, imaginative, inventive person. With these modules you will learn new methods of instilling and enhancing creativity.

Unit 1 Creative Power (12m)
Unit 2 Act as If (11m)

Quantum Absolution

Module 1 The Absolution Solution

The Absolution Solution >

Employs a method developed called Quantum Jumping. Quantum Jumping is a way of motivating you to do things you were unaware you had the talent to do. QJ does this by melting away the barriers to change. When it comes to Quantum Absolution we neutralize regrets and guilt and knock the limiting factors that are holding you back out of life's equation. The end result is a better and better life.

Unit 1 Quantum Jumping Refresher (27m)
Unit 2 Meditation: Source of Problems (12m)
Module 2 Redemption

Redemption >

All limitations are self imposed. It's never too late to remove the limiting factors in your life but first you must understand how they begin. When you have a feeling, albeit subconscious, that you only deserve so much out of life, only so much health, so much money, so much happiness and on and on those limitations affect you throughout life. Limitations are neutralized by the Absolution solution module and meditation. Modules 5 and 6 may well be the most important material you have ever, or will ever receive.

Unit 1 Asking the Right Question (14m)
Unit 2 Overcome your Limitations (11m)
Unit 3 Absolution Solutions (17m)
Unit 4 Meditation Absolution (13m)
Module 3 Neutralizing the Killer Emotion

Neutralizing the Killer Emotion >

Here you will learn the true definition of guilt. That it is simply an emotion tied to the fact that you consciously or subconsciously did something wrong, that you missed the mark so to speak. Here you will find that missing of the mark defined as sin. We define guilt as a feeling you must correct that sin, and punishment is defined as a reminder that the sin you believe happened has not yet been clarified or corrected. You will find a new awakening after listening to these two modules.

Unit 1 Dealing with Guilt (11m)
Unit 2 Meditation: Guilt Relief (16m)
Module 4 Love and the Creative Power

Love and the Creative Power >

Understanding that love is a positive viewpoint will take you out of the quagmire of negative thinking. See how much your attitude changes after hearing the story on module 9 about George and Mary. We all have different levels of creativity; here in modules 11 and 12 you will not only discover how to unleash your long buried talent for creativity you may well discover the means to success, affluence, and true happiness. It was always with you, you only had to know how to turn on the switch; and also, where the switch is.

Unit 1 Love is a Positive Viewpoint (11m)
Unit 2 Bringing on Creativity (9m)
Unit 3 Creative Power (9m)
Unit 4 Meditation: Creative Problem Solving (13m)
Module 5 Motivation

Motivation >

The status quo is comforting. Even when it causes discomfort or pain when the territory is familiar there is a measure of comfort there. Deep down in all of us there is a Cary Grant, John Wayne, or Marilyn Monroe or Julia Roberts waiting to get out. With these modules you will discover the lion within and the means to bring it out.

Unit 1 Overcome Resistance (14m)
Unit 2 STEA Stimulus, Thought, Energy, Action (12m)
Unit 3 Meditation: Mice to Lions (14m)
Module 6 Unleashing the Real You

Unleashing the Real You >

The very popular law of attraction has been all the rage for a decade but the thing that most people miss is that attraction, that thing that draws success to us all is also the thing that draws failure and defeat. With these modules you will discover how to attract only the things that you want, and learn how to reverse the limiting factors that negative attraction causes.

Unit 1 Self Sabotage and Limitations (13m)
Unit 2 Control your Magnetic Attraction (15m)
Unit 3 Meditation: Destroy Negative Programming (11m)
Module 7 Healing

Healing >

Good health is primarily an extension of your belief system. The same goes for vitality and aging. If you are suffering from a perceived illness, or other problems this and the following modules will teach you tips and techniques to speed up your bodies natural resources for healing.

Unit 1 The dynamic Qi Gong Thrust (21m)
Unit 2 Placebos (16m)
Unit 3 Meditation:Before the healing. Emotion Free Zone (10m)
Module 8 More Healing

More Healing >

We define emotions as any thought that has like or dislike attached to it. The more like the more emotional, the more dislike, the more emotional. When you carry guilt, anger, resentment, jealousy or any of like emotions with you it not only causes stress and depression it can also deplete your immune system and bring about the very thing that you have feared happening. The healing modules of both disk 7 and 8 addresses those very problems and you will find the meditation and answers fascinating and above all useful.

Unit 1 Emotional Healing (15m)
Unit 2 Healing Locations (16m)
Unit 3 Meditation: Clock Healing (15m)
Module 9 Self Esteem and Confidence

Self Esteem and Confidence >

With these last four modules you will have completed your journey of redemption. Self esteem, or ego, is a product of the opinion you have of yourself. With these last modules you will discover a new world when you understand the value of competing not with the world or others, but with yourself. Also included here is our miracle chant. Module 28 is the product of 300 neophyte monks chanting for their spiritual journey and success in all their endeavors. Simply listen to it and note all the positive things that will soon take place in your life. Use it as a background sound whenever you meditate for success in all the things you aspire to achieve.

Unit 1 Self Esteem Training (13m)
Unit 2 Self Competition (11m)
Unit 3 Meditation: Self Esteem (13m)
Unit 4 Meditation Chant: Stress Relief (20m)

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