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Frequently Asked Questions

What does this product do?

Different than individual mental wellness and mindfulness programs, the Burt Goldman Method gives you full access to multiple programs in multiple formats including: audio, video, and eBooks. They journeys you can take include: meditation, personal development, self discovery, spiritual, and betterment books.

What benefits will I see?

People have experienced many benefits from these programs including, but not limited to: control/decrease stress, enhance positive thinking, improve self-confidence, advance self-esteem, increase mindfulness, expand conscious awareness, boost happy endorphins, pain relief, strengthen immune system, slow down aging, alleviate headaches, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and weight loss.

Can my money be refunded?

Absolutely, but we doubt you'll ever want that. As a matter of fact, we're positive! If a refund is required, you can access the customer support in the top navigation. We only want "Happy Money".

How long does a member enrollment last?

Enrollment is either for one-month, six-month, or twelve-month access.

Do I have to renew?

Your enrollment will not auto-renew. Your subscription will not continue until you opt-in again. If you haven't digested enough material for one-month, you can always enroll for another or enroll for the six-month or twelve-month option.

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This course was better than any positive thinking material that I have studied. A fresh way of looking at your life and understanding the why’s of what we did and how it has a bearing on who we are today and why we make the choices we do. At least there is a way to change the past, present and future for the better. Thank Burt for showing us how to use more of our power for the better.

~ Eunice Read more >

I can’t say enough about the meditation chant of the 300 on module 28. I play it every night to relax from a stress day, I play it when I have a headache, the ache leaves in moments, I play it when I need encouragement, I play it to stimulate long forgotten memories, I play it now for a pick me up and for so many things. For me it alone is well worth the Solution program.

~ Henry H. Read more >

Quantum Absolution opened my eyes, made my life easier. The tempo was fine/perfect/relaxed. I had a lot of fun. Thanks for the new tools for healing/improvement. I am grateful Burt who made this program possible.

~ Bob Read more >