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Guided Audio Journey

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Explore different ways to meditate online and at home

Find a quiet spot, relax, and enjoy the following guided audio meditations.

Module 1 The Daisy Pond - A Meditation

Decrease stress with The Daisy Pond meditation - RECORDED in 1976!
The Daisy Pond has mystical restorative waters. Lush vegetation is all around the pond as well as friendly animals, colorful birds and beautiful friendly fish. The sky is always blue here and there are many white fluffy clouds lazily drifting overhead. In the center of the warm, blue green water you will see a large daisy. This is the way the most popular meditation exercise starts. For over 40 years millions of people have removed stress from their lives, improved health and solved a myriad of problems playing and listening to the Daisy Pond. Probably the most copied program on the internet this one is the original as created and recorded by Burt Goldman in 1976. Play it often and reap a thousand benefits.
Unit 1 The Daisy Pond - A Meditation (21m)
Module 2 Quantum Jumping - A Meditation

Unlock hidden abilities with Quantum Jumping meditation

Be ready to sit comfortably with eyes closed before you attempt this meditation. This, the powerful meditation on Quantum Jumping is as well the first meditation introducing you to the concept of Quantum Jumping. You’ll find on the other side of the metaphorical door an infinity of dimensions, of times, of events, and of selves of yourself. Anything that can be imagined is, on the other side of the door. As you close your eyes and follow Burt’s suggestions you reach the comfortable meditation state. You’re directed to imagine a hallway with a small door at the end. On the other side of that door is the answer to many of your problems. You imagine a twin self who has solved your problems, or who has a talent or ability you would want for yourself. As you meditate you observe that self, then you merge with that self, and then you bring back the rhythm of success in the event or endeavor or goal. Simple and yet eminently effective.
Unit 1 Quantum Jumping – A Meditation (9m)
Module 3 Quantum Supermind - A Meditation

Listen to the official Supermind seminar meditation collection; 6 mental conditioning exercises built to generate a SUPER MIND (audio)

  1. Source Foundations - Change the direction of your life to a more meaningful one.
  2. Center Stage for Superior Goal Setting - Set a goal the way healthy billionaires and the super successes do.
  3. Past Life Resolutions - Resolve a current issue you had already resolved in a past life.
  4. Blocking Negatives with Lancelot’s Armor - A spiritual suit of armor to deflect negative energies that you have total control over.
  5. Metaphoric Design and Icons of Success - How to design an energized icon that stimulate your daily successes.
  6. The Universal Bank - Tap into the source of all wealth and prosperity.
Unit 1 Source Foundations (12m)
Unit 2 Center Stage for Superior Goal Setting (19m)
Unit 3 Past Life Resolutions (13m)
Unit 4 Blocking Negatives with Lancelot’s Armor (15m)
Unit 5 Metaphoric Design and Icons of Success (13m)
Unit 6 The Universal Bank (13m)
Module 4 Quantum Absolution - A Meditation

Rid yourself of regrets with Quantum Absolution meditation

Play only when you are alone, relaxed, and comfortable. With this mental conditioning exercise Burt will take you through the redemption process. If you have any regrets, feel guilty about anything at all in your past, if you would like to apologize to a loved one who has passed on, if you would like closure, this meditation is for you. Burt has been known all over the world and is followed my hundreds of thousands for his advice and help with the consciousness and reality of people. This is one of the most helpful meditations Burt has ever designed. Use it again and again and feel yourself freed from the regrets of things that are remembered and things that have been buried in your subconscious wreaking havoc in your life. Eliminate self sabotage and put an end to limitations.
Unit 1 Quantum Absolution – A Meditation (13m)

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