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Dear Burt, I’ve heard you say that love is a positive viewpoint, can you explain that?

Jan 18, 2017

Hi Friends, Let’s call this column: What is This Thing Called Love? “I love you,” says the man to his woman. “I love you,” says the woman to her man. “I love chocolate ice cream,” says the child.” “I love horses,” says the Westerner. “Love God,” says the Bible. “Love one another.” “Love your father…

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Dear Burt, I have a problem getting started and generally put things off; is there any magic or secret to motivating myself?

Jan 7, 2017

Hi Friends, First of all, to understand the word motivation you have to know just what it is, so allow me to define it and make it more useful. Motivation is simply strong desire. Now let me elaborate. When you have a really strong desire for something you do the thing. Let me tell you a…

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Happiness Squared

Dear Burt, we are so into computers these days, is there an algorithm for happiness?

Dec 14, 2016

Hi Friends, If there were, it would be this: If you like a thing, enjoy it. If you don’t like it, avoid it. If you don’t like it and you can’t avoid it, change it. If you don’t like it and you can’t avoid or change it, accept it. You accept it by changing your…

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Dear Burt, how can I get my husband to love me again?

Dec 10, 2016

Hi Friends, A relationship is a connection between two people. To extend that definition, it is a connection between two things. A connection is not necessarily a beneficial thing nor is it a harmful thing, it just is. This is about the relationship between people, not things. And a relationship between people is always dependent…

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Dear Burt, how can I change my attitude if it’s affecting my health?

Dec 3, 2016

Hi Friends, People in perfect health do not consider the fact they are in good health whereas people in poor health think only of their health. And therein lies the key. When things are going well, you don’t really consider them—the factor has to do with the mind. It’s easy to say that the mind…

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