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Module 1 Latest Additions

Here are the latest additions to the library:
Better and Better

"It seems a lifetime ago, as indeed it was for many of you reading this, when Ove Sehested, a student of my Silva Mind Control class, who had just completed the Basic Lecture Series, came to me and asked if I would join him in writing a book about that class. The year was 1977 and life was easy. Ove, who had written a popular book on astrology, lived a few blocks from me and we had become good friends—the collaboration was a natural. I called Jose Silva in Laredo, Texas and as I was at the time the leading and most prolific Silva instructor he heartily approved the project.

"We wrote the book as sort of a diary with Ove, the student, and I as the instructor; as indeed we were. Ove was to be an inquisitive student who had access to his instructor and that’s the way the book was written. It turned out better than we had hoped and Jose himself wrote a nice letter telling us how much he liked the way it turned out. The Silva organization ordered 5,000 of them that were quickly snatched up and over the years the original physical book, with an initial printing of 25,000 has become a hard to get classic selling for hundreds of dollars on the Internet..."

- Burt Goldman

Quantum Absolution

"While editing the work I had to go over every paragraph, sentence and word -- removing that which complicated, or referred to the module program or the Quantum Absolution workbook that was part of the CD program. This has to be a stand alone helpful book to change lives for the better. As I went over the words I found myself submerged in the concepts and even though I had written every word, it came alive for me. To put this book into perspective, read the 29 chapters and you will discover the secret of life itself. I realize that is a presumptuous statement, but you will find it is so. It would be a wonder if you could read Quantum Absolution and did not change for the better. It is one of the best things I've ever written."

- Burt Goldman

Unit 1 Better and Better
Unit 2 Quantum Absolution
Module 2 Dynamic Mind

Explore the mysteries of the MIND:
The Mind Box

The culmination of Burt Goldman’s life work the Mind Box has methods and techniques to successfully handle any situation that you may encounter from birth to demise. With specialized techniques to handle virtually any situation. Starting with the management of stress and concluding with the road to enlightenment the Mind Box has it all.

A Golden Presentation

Designed to go along with the Mind Box, the golden presentation will open many more doors for you. Simplifying and explaining the concepts of the mind box so that you may use them to better your life, enhance relationships, utilize that elusive law of attraction and be the person you most want to be, it's all here in the Golden Presentation.

Small Book of Big Techniques

This slim book of big techniques is meant to accompany the Mind Box book with 48 specific techniques for you to use immediately. A reference you will use again and again. You'll want to print this one out and carry a copy with you everywhere.

Unit 1 The Mind Box
Unit 2 A Golden Presentation
Unit 3 Small Book of Big Techniques
Module 3 Personal Development

Improve your life with this group of favorites:
Secrets of the Kybalion

Starting with the 7 Hermetic principles here you will find how to utilize the power of Mentalism, Vibrations, Polarity, Correspondence, Cause and Effect, Rhythm and Gender. A book for the ages. Quite possibly the most valuable book you have ever, or will ever read.

YOU, The Supermind

Everyone has hidden facets of the brain and mind that make some people superior to others. You have a mind that can be enhanced through simple procedures. In this book Burt explains the manner in which you may use more of your mind and enhance virtually everything that you do. Based on the seven principles of Hermes Burt taught his original Supermind seminar for ten fulfilling years to tens of thousands of people.

The Power of Self Mind Control

Taking the power of the seven principles to its utmost degree this book is the culmination of Burt’s sojourn in the world of metaphysics. A virtual encyclopedia of information with suggestions and techniques on how to live life to the fullest. Live your dreams as millions have by controlling the power of your mind.

Unit 1 Secrets of the Kybalion
Unit 2 You, the Supermind
Unit 3 The Power of Self Mind Control
Module 4 Problem Solving

Don't stay stuck. Problems are only solutions waiting to be discovered:
Quantum Jumping

Unique concept of metaphysically reaching a twin self in an infinity of universes and bringing back the twins resources. Burt's Quantum Jumping program hit the Internet like a storm affecting hundreds of thousands in the most positive way. Here is the book that started it all.

Golden 365

This is a book you will always refer to and cherish. Look to any date, specifically your birth date and think about the words you see. Here are only a few of the 365 sentences of wisdom. One for ever day of the year. Start your day by randomly picking a date and thinking about the words of wisdom:

  • There is only one way to get dark out of a room, that is to let in the light.
  • Confidence trumps ignorance and when confidence is coupled to action success follows closely behind.
  • The objective of art is not to depict a scene but rather to bring to mind an emotion.

Past Life Therapy

Believe in past lives or don't, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. You will learn by following the simple instructions of past life therapy that many of today’s problems can be instantly relieved by reliving past life situations. Burt takes you on a metaphorical journey to cause and shows you how to unlock the chains of despair and defeat.

Unit 1 Quantum Jumping
Unit 2 Golden 365
Unit 3 Past Life Therapy
Module 5 Health and Wellness

Feeding your mind is not all it takes to jump:
Angel On My Shoulder

Is it possible that you have your own personal angel with you always but you have never been aware of it? This book will definitely get you thinking about whether or not those 'coincidences' and happy accidents in your life were just happenstance. And then you may think; what it?

Timeless Techniques to Everlasting Youth

A digital fountain of youth. Includes Tops and Bottoms, The Power Surge and Attitude; with specific techniques to use immediately to gain energy, eliminate doubt and adjust your attitude so that the future looks not sour and bleak but sweet and inviting.

Unit 1 Angel on my Shoulder
Unit 2 Timeless Techniques to Everlasting Youth
Module 6 Power and Success

Learn the secrets to great Power and Success:
Modeling Success With NLP

A different manner in which to utilize the power of the new psychology of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Similar to quantum jumping but on the physical plane modeling is getting into the rhythm of success. Burt's book shows you how.

The Prosperity Blueprint

Education has nothing to do with it nor does environment but the true cause of wealth can be found in the rhythm that the blueprint teaches. Once again the great Hermetic principle of rhythm comes onto the scene, the Prosperity Blueprint lays it all out for you, why the successful one's are so. Not intelligence, not education, not family, but the answer is so simple you'll wonder why you hadn't thought of it yourself.

Wisdom Of A Simple Sage

Acting in the role of the American Monk Burt offers up his glimpse into another reality and unlocks may secrets of the ages Understand your mind and you understand why you are the way you are and why everyone else is the way they are. Simple to understand, easy to read, and a power to use. You will be using more of your mind right from the moment you get through the first chapter of this remarkable book.

How To Unlock And Use The Power Of The New Moon

All things that consist of matter attract all other things that consist of matter. That is the very essence of Newton’s law of gravitation. It’s a simplification but is correct in the essence. All things attract all other things. The Sun attracts and holds in place all the planets of our solar system. Each moon of every planet is held in place through the attraction of the larger mass of the host planet. Here is a little known fact. By combining the power of the physical, gravitational pull of the moon and the sun, at the right time, with the meta-physical properties of mental control, you can use that great power to attract the things you wish to come to you.

Unit 1 Modeling Success with NLP
Unit 2 Prosperity Blueprint
Unit 3 Wisdom of a Simple Sage
Unit 4 How to Unlock and Use the Power of the New Moon
Module 7 Fiction

Follow along in some of Burt's thrilling stories of fiction:

A historical fantasy as Zyclo, marooned on Earth, with a 2,500 year life span wanders through history helping to upset the evil plans of Finaara his nemesis and the only person capable of harming Zyclo. Zyclo interferes with the Mongol invasion of Europe, helps Cortez with an army of 200 defeat Montezuma’s army of 200,000, entices King Louie to help George Washington and the revolutionists thereby insuring their success, is instrumental in the shooting of Stonewall Jackson so that the North can defeat the army of Robert E. Lee, and shows Thomas Edison how to eliminate the singular generator to light up the world.

Armo's Song

Armo Keenan has the most remarkable operatic singing voice ever but only sings country western. However he feels his voice is jinxed as whenever he does sing disaster strikes. Following the story line of La Boheme very loosely Armo’s Song is a stunning romance that will leave you sobbing and laughing.

Slices Of Life In The Old West

17 hilarious chapters as 19 year old Jason Oheso wanders through the old west circa 1890. Flip through the book, read any chapter, and like most who have read it for entertainment, you’ll be hooked.

Ten Slices Of Life

Ten brief scenes taken from moments of life, a war, a shower, a cigar butt, a card game, aging, walking, and more to delight your senses. The kind of stories the beat generation of the fifties and sixties would listen to in smoke laden coffee houses while Ginsberg or Kerouac read to them of a world they never made.

Unit 1 ZYCLO
Unit 2 Armo's Song
Unit 3 Slices of Life in the Old West
Unit 4 Ten Slices of Life
Module 8 Biography

Examine the person within:
Survival and Payback

The rags to riches story of a fifteen year old boy who found himself caught up in the grinding maw of the holocaust. Escaping from the death march after leaving Auschwitz Joe Brandt came to America with no knowledge of the language, no friends, no money, and with only the clothes on his back. Here is the story of how that young man became a multi millionaire and built a monument to the holocaust in Palm Desert, California dedicated to those less fortunate than he. Only read it if you have time to spare because once begun you won't be able to put it down.

Unit 1 Survival and Payback

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