What is The Burt Goldman Method?

Choosing the right journey to fit your mental health needs can prove challenging. With The Burt Goldman Method, you can explore a diverse 50-year collection of hypnosis and meditation material at your own pace and learning style in video, audio, and eBook digital formats. It’s the perfect blend of traditional and exploratory methods brought to you by world renowned hypnosis and meditation master Burt Goldman.

We know that one size does not fit all. Monthly access to all materials allows you to sample any subject you want instead of fully investing into one program.

Choose your journey, whether it be: meditation, personal development, and/or spiritual. Don’t know what to choose? Free sample introductions will allow you to pick some of your favorite subjects then apply your own custom mixture as you see fit.

Whatever journey you choose will give you the tools necessary to meditate at home, improve your self-confidence and self-esteem, increase mindfulness, learn hypnotherapy fundamentals, and much more.

What journey will you go on?

Books, Videos & CDs All Instantly Available Online

Burt's Books

There is so much included we realize it’s hard to know just where to begin so allow me to make a suggestion. After ordering and getting into the library, start with one of the fiction books, My Friend God.

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A few years ago Burt had a group of students and supporters for whom he recorded a blog video every week. It wasn’t meant for the general public although some of the videos slipped into the mainstream as it is difficult to keep things totally private these days. Here you will find some of the best, or as Burt says the Best of the

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The Powers of Life

Experience the Powers of Life now with our new instant access process — Redefine what you are capable of and wake up your true potential with this Advanced Visualization Technique

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Seminars Available

Live 5 Day Hypnosis Course


Burt Goldman's November, 2016 Hypnovision class will be conducted by Burt himself on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, November 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. This is a certification course and graduates receive a certificate as Certified Hypnotist.

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New Quantum Jumping Program


Let's take a peek at what's waiting for you when you open the door to a better life with instant access to Quantum Absolution. When you order your Quantum Absolution adventure, you get instant access to 28 audios of the entire...

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Recorded Live Course on Video

Quantum Supermind

In the Quantum Supermind Seminar, I addressed the question; Why is it that some people seem to get anything they want and for them it’s like taking candy from a baby? Successful people are not necessarily the most intelligent, or even...

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